Sunday, 27 November 2016

BuxP Review - Paying or Not?

BuxP is a Paid to Click site that is paying its members from 8 years  instantly without any delays. To earn money from you need to click all the available ads, watch videos and completing available tasks and surveys. On top of that, there is no direct referrals limit in BuxP, which means you can refer as many people as you can and get huge commissions. So, there is no doubt that BuxP is one of the Trusted PTC Sites that definitely pays you to work with them.


Is BuxP a trusted ptc site and paying it's members on time?
Yes, Buxp no doubt a trsuted and stable ptc site that is paying it's members since 2008 without any issues.

Earnings :-
Earnings will not be very huge if you earn just from your own work. However, you can still earn considerable income if you work daily and click ads, videos and complete tasks. Earnings will also vary a little with respect to your geographical location due to geographically targeted ads. But, on the other hand, if you refer a lot of people to the website you can earn unlimited as there is no limit imposed by BuxP on the number of direct referrals you can have.

Payment methods :-
You can cash out your earnings to PayPal or Payza once you reach the minimum payout of $6.99.

Earning Strategy:-

  • View ads - Viewing all available ads daily will add up, so it recommended to click ads daily.
  • Video ads and Video offers - Same goes for videos, watching all videos daily and completing video offers that includes liking and commenting on videos.
  • Tasks - There are two type of tasks in BuxP. One's that are posted by BuxP itself and others are posted by members. These tasks pay decent income if done accurately.
  • Offer walls - Earn Buxpoints from different offerwalls like AdscendMedia, SuperRewards etc. which later can be converted to different valueable prizes including buying direct referrals and even to cash for upgraded members.
  • Referral commissions - Invite all your friends that might be interested and try to get as many direct referrals as you can. You will get 50% -100% referral commission depending upon your membership. And remember, there is no limit for number of direct referrals you can get even as a free member.

Positive aspects
  • Paying since 2008 - You will get paid for sure since BuxP is one of the very trusted ptc site and always pays its member instantly on reaching minimum payout.
  • Instant payments - Very few ptc sites have this awesome feature which puts your earned money in your payment account right after clicking the cash out button.
  • Unlimited direct referrals - There is no limit for the number of direct referrals you can get, subsequently, there is no limit on your earnings.
  • Various earning opportunities - Lot of ways to earn including click ads, watching video, different offerwalls, task and most important decent paying referral program.

  • Anti-cheat link - On the bottom of the view ads page there is a anti-cheat link that can reset your earnings to zero. However, it is mostly a problem for starters, after few days it is not much of a problem as get used to it.

Final thoughts
Buxp is definitely one of the very few legit ptc sites that is paying its members honestly since 2008. Apart from ptc ads, you can earn decent income from watching videos, completing tasks, offers and referring other people to the site. Direct referrals is where you should definitely concentrate if you want even more success. So, BuxP is legitimate paid to click site.

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