Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Scarlet Clicks Review - legit or scam ?

Scarlet Clicks is a paid to click site that pays its members for watching the advertisers website for a certain amount of time (few seconds) and then clicking the right captcha image. There are also other options available to earn money on Scarlet Clicks though, including PTSU (paid to sign up), PTC wall etc.


Is Scarlet Clicks a legit and stable ptc site?
Yes, Scarlet Clicks is one of the very few long - standing, legit ptc site that never misses to pay its members on time and everytime. It's already been 7 years old and keep on growing day by day.

How much one can earn from Scarlet Clicks?
 You can earn few dollars every month by your own work including clicking ads and completing other simple tasks available. Scarlet Clicks also lets you recruit unlimited amount of referrals even with standard membership. You will get 40% - 100%  referral commissions depending upon your membership level.

How will i get paid?
Once you reach the minimum payout of $2, you can cash out your earnings through Paypal (recommended) or Payza.

Earning strategy for Scarlet Clicks

  • View ads - Just click available ads everyday.
  • PTSU (Paid To Sign Up) - Sign up for the listed sites and earn decent pay.
  • Referral and Point contests - These contests pays big cash prizes for achieving top 10 spots in the contests.
  • Referral commissions - There is no limit on the amount of commission you can earn from your direct referrals. Just refer as many members as you can, there is no limit for direct referrals.

  • Paying for 7 years - Proven its stability with on time payments  for 7 years without missing a single payment.
  • Unlimited direct referrals - You will earn 40% to 100% from your direct referrals, which is a decent amount of commissions if you recruit many referrals.
  • Low minimum payout - This is very good news, as you can cash out at short periods of time.
  • Trusted Admin - Dimitris Kornelatos, the same admin of the gpt planet is a very trusted admin and has no background of cheating and scamming.
  • Rented referrals - Rented referrals has no guarantee of click rate on any ptc, plus they come with a price every month, so one can loose money through renting referrals.
  • Low income at start - You can only earn few bucks every month if you do not refer other members.

       Scarlet Clicks is a very stable and trusted PTC site, that always pay their members on time and you can definitely earn extra income by working on the site.
         Also for recruiters there is no limit for the income potential with the excellent unlimited referral program. You can advertise at Clixsense and Neobux to get direct referrals, as these two ptc sites have proved their advertising results. You can even create your own splash page for the Top PTC sites and get even better results.


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